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Lexington Candy Shop

1226 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10028
P. (212) 288-0057


Lexington Candy Shop: is it a diner, or is it a luncheonette? Welcome to Old New York--Lexington Candy Shop is most definitely a luncheonette. Soda jerks? Check. Egg Creams? They've got them. Fresh squeezed orange juice and lemonade? Yep, you'll find it at this amazing place which was recently named #6 in "The 11 Best Classic Diners and Luncheonettes in NYC" by The Village Voice (February, 2014) and more recently featured on the Travel Channel's hit show Food Paradise, Lexington Candy Shop takes pride in the personal service and attention to ingredients that has been their hallmark since 1925. The same family has owned this NYC treasure since its inception and they invite you to experience the extra care we put into each and every order. Upon arriving at the Lexington Candy Shop, stop and enjoy the historical Coca Cola display, gathered from around the world. Once in the luncheonette, check out the vintage Hamilton Beach milkshake mixer, the coffee urns and the "goose neck" style soda fountain, all dating from 1940's. When seated, take a moment to enjoy the decor which is painstakingly maintained as authentically as possible. An original menu is on display, as well as pictures of the store as it originally was, along with pictures of the founders. Visit today and you'll understand why the Restaurant News has this to say about the Lexington Candy Shop: "A David among Goliaths in Gotham City, the Lexington Candy Shop is like a page in food service history bringing to life the energy and attentiveness of a bygone era."

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"The shakes are totally over priced "
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"The place is small and cute with plenty of history on its walls. However despite the charm I be..."
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"Good old-fashioned diner. Favorite "go to"."
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Reviews are written by members who have earned benefits at this location. Rewards Network reserves the right to block, edit or remove any Member Reviews.