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Stax Cafe

1401 W Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60607
P. (312) 733-9871


Situated just west of downtown, Stax Cafe is a true modern classic, complete with home-style decor and service that will make your afternoon and mornings brighter. Michelin recommended for six years in a row (2012-2017), the one thing Stax is not here to do is to "reinvent" your morning meal or entice diners with the promise of "breakfast with a twist". Stax is a celebration of authentic American breakfast classics made with as much quality and integrity as possible. Take the ubiquitous pancake, which at many other eateries has become an adventure in "how many crazy fillings/flavors can we add to our pancakes". Here though, it's all about the simplicity of the dish...about the perfect Johnny cake...the ideal buckwheat pancake...the irresistible silver dollar pancake. That's a process that follows through everything they do at Stax, whether you want a three-ingredient omelette, masterfully delicate crepe, French toast, or savory eggs Benedict. Stax likes to keep things varied too, which is why they stock three different farmed eggs to choose from, as well as five different kinds of homemade bread. Even their presentations showcase variation, like with the oatmeal, which not only comes with raisins and brown sugar, bud adds freshly toasted walnuts, strawberry jam, cinnamon, and whole milk to the dish. The diversity also extends to the condiments, which include hot sauces, house-made ketchup, giardiniera, infused and real maple syrup, fresh fruit preserves, locally-ground spices, and more. While the all-day breakfast is enough for most, others can enjoy a lineup of lunch items developed to complement Stax's morning-flavor profile through options such as BLTs, burgers with fried egg and cheese, Cobb salads, and more. Stax also sports a top-notch coffee program and an entire juice "culture" that serves up only tasty offerings that include orange and grapefruit juice that is squeezed fresh right here on site.

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5.0 / 5
"Great customer service and great food . The price was on point too."
1 of 11 Reviews
5.0 / 5
"The is very good, everything I choose to get is always good and fresh. The staff is very nice a..."
2 of 11 Reviews
3.0 / 5
"Cozy breakfast/brunch place with lots of gluten free options."
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Reviews are written by members who have earned benefits at this location. Rewards Network reserves the right to block, edit or remove any Member Reviews.