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MON 11:00AM - 09:00PM
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WED 11:00AM - 09:00PM
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Chile Verde Cafe

1522 Gemini Pl
Columbus, OH 43240
P. (614) 846-8773


What was once an awesome little place in a shopping center has grown in size to accommodate their ever-increasing popularity, and now hungry diners will find the new Chile Verde Cafe to be as fabulous as before, just with more seating! The fame of this amazing eatery has spread far and wide thanks to amazing food, delightful service and a great time enjoyed by all. For more than 18 years this eatery has been specializing in flavor and the cuisine of New Mexico, which is a blend of three culinary cultures. Now diners can sample this amazing food that is spicier and more flavorful than Mexican cuisine, and that showcases local and seasonal ingredients. The green chile is a key ingredient to this cuisine, and it, along with other important ingredients, are flown in daily for maximum authenticity and freshness. Start your meal with their fresher-than-fresh salsa and crisp chips, or try the Chile Verde Poppers (stuffed and breaded jalapenos) or the amazingly flavorful Green Chile Stew. After your taste buds have been sufficiently awakened, treat them to flavorful creations like the Aztec BBQ Beef Wrap, Blue Corn Enchiladas, Gourmet Mahi Mahi Tacos, outstanding fajitas, tasty burritos, tamales and much more. From their signature sauces to entrees created with finesse and high quality ingredients, diners are sure to appreciate the attention to detail and quality meals that are high on flavor. The next time you're craving the cuisine from The Land of Enchantment, check out the Chile Verde Cafe - stop by today!

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5.0 / 5
"Everything was exceptional, service, food and cleanliness "
1 of 25 Reviews
4.0 / 5
"We were a little nervous about eating inside a restaurant, as we haven't done so since October...."
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5.0 / 5
"Food is delicious!"
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Reviews are written by members who have earned benefits at this location. Rewards Network reserves the right to block, edit or remove any Member Reviews.